Healthcare Predictive Analytics Solution for Benefit Advisors Healthcare Predictive Analytics Solution for Benefit Advisors
Help Your Clients Choose the Right Point Solution Programs
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Healthcare Predictive Analytics for
Advisors, Brokers, & Consultants

Our team is committed to helping you impress current and prospective clients with powerful insights that drive action and get results.

Fast, data-backed recommendations to save you time and impress your clients

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Unify client data on one platform with predictive insights to uncover new opportunities for cost savings

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Get quick, reliable answers to improve benefit design and match the right members to the right programs

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Understand which point solutions would be most impactful for your clients—and measure results

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Partner with a team of highly responsive analytics experts

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Have confidence in your ability to make smarter, faster recommendations to improve employee health and productivity

Maximize the impact of your clients' point solution programs

As a benefits advisor, you're helping your clients decide which point solutions would have the biggest impact on cost, health, and productivity. But these programs are difficult to track and measure, and your clients want hard numbers to back up your recommendations.

Gain confidence in your decision-making with easy-to-understand dashboards that put answers at your fingertips and help you build a strong ROI narrative for your clients.

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Understand the potential impact of new solutions to optimize your strategy

Maximize employee engagement by investing in the right programs

Transparently measure program performance to show clients how much they’re saving

Case Study: How to Choose the Right Point Solutions and Measure Results

How one Fortune 100 employer maximized solution impact to achieve over $200 in PMPY savings

Your clients are being bombarded with sales pitches for new point solutions—the next great fitness tracker, disease management program, or mindfulness app. In this case study, we'll show you how we helped one Fortune 100 employer cut through the noise and maximize solution impact with the Certilytics Impact Evaluator.

See how we did it—download our case study now!
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Benefit Advisors PDF Download (2024)

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Actionable intelligence with AI-powered data warehousing

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Make smarter, faster recommendations with a next-generation data warehouse that transforms your clients' benefits data into actionable intelligence. Improve benefit design, coordinate care across vendors, and incentivize health partners shift from free-for-service to value.

Intuitive Insights for HR
and Benefits Leaders

Pre-built dashboards and self-service analytics at your fingertips


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What Sets
Certilytics Apart

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Intuitive Insights

Whether you’re looking for high-level population trends or in-depth analyses, our easy-to-understand dashboards and self-serve data exploration tools will simplify and accelerate your decision-making

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Built For Scale And Flexibility

Unify all your clients’ benefits data on one modern, flexible platform that gives you a comprehensive view of your population with click-through capabilities down to the member or claim-line level

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Lightning Fast

We process 30M+ member lives per week to ensure our customers have the real-time insights they need to make smarter decisions, faster

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Constantly Evolving

We keep you at the forefront of proactive, AI-powered decision-making through an iterative approach to product design and innovation

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Invested In Customer Success

You’ll love working with our team of experts to connect and understand your clients’ benefits data. Our data scientists, actuaries, clinicians, and developers are committed to answering your questions, getting you up to speed on our reports and dashboards, helping you transform the way you do business, and ensuring you and your clients get real value from our solutions

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Forward-looking Intelligence

Our reporting looks forward, not backward, with market-leading predictive models that show you not just what’s driving cost—but what’s driving avoidable cost

Impress your clients with
data-backed recommendations

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