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certilytics for health plans

Maximize Your Impact
on total Cost of care

The Achievements of Health Plans
with Certilytics


Total Opportunity


Increase in Customer
Growth over 2 years


Reduction in
Hospital Admissions

Our Approach to More Efficient,
Afforadable Healthcare

discover individual member
opportunities. Boost member

Identify cost saving opportunities.
Validate performance.

Shift to member-focused programs using Certilytics library of
1,000+ clinical, financial and behavioral predictive risk scores
to identify future risk and opportunities at the individual level.

With the Opportunity Analysis you can aggregate the member-
level opportunities at the population lvel and see in dollars the
impact of executing different clinical programs based on
outcomes or disease state.

Then, with the Certilytics’ member-level Target Index you can
be confident your clinical program outreach strategies are
reaching those members who are most likely to modify their
behavior and improve their health.

Identify Cost Saving Opportunities.
Validate Performance.

Certilytics AI-driven models as part of the Opportunity Framework will help
you maximize the efficiency of your clinical resources by using AI models
to quantify the total potential cost savings you can achieve.

With the opportunity Analysis you can see opportunities in dollars so you
can prioritize and package together the most impactful total cost of care

then, onsce your programs and strategies are in place, use the Certilytics
Impact Framework to validate the total realized cost savings and ROI of
your total cost of care strategies.

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Are you ready to use AI-driver
approaches to maximize your
opportunities to impact your
total cost of care?

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