Certilytics Celebrates Release of Brainstorm v3 Certilytics Celebrates Release of Brainstorm v3

Certilytics Celebrates Release of Brainstorm v3

December 1, 2018

Today, Certilytics released the latest leap forward for BrainstormAI machine learning, which empowers data scientists and analysts to build sophisticated predictive models.

BrainstormAI is a proprietary machine-learning platform designed to help data science teams enforce conventional best practices, organize their code and artifacts, and deploy models faster. BrainstormAI v3 introduces a new, easy-to-use interface for testing, building, training, scoring, deploying, and evaluating predictive models — allowing users to rapidly transition their models from concept to reality. Users can access a library of pre-built healthcare-specific data enrichments or use the built-in deep representation capabilities to identify features and train models with any dataset.

“BrainstormAI started with the idea of making model creation as manageable as software development,” said SVP & Chief Data Scientist Robert Dwyer, PhD. “BrainstormAI v3 takes that idea further by empowering scientists, analysts, and researchers with little or no development experience to turn their ideas into reality.”

About Certilytics Inc.

Certilytics is a privately-held company founded in 2014 to bring AI-inspired predictive models to organizations across the healthcare ecosystem, including health plans, providers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, large employers and government entities.

Utilizing an organically designed IT processing infrastructure, while also merging machine learning and software engineering, Certilytics has commercialized two distinct data logistics and analytic platforms.

These solutions are managing and extracting value from customers’ legacy data assets to reform existing workflows, processes and decision making - resulting in the use of AI-driven predictive analytics to help customers realize the true potential of their data and turn it into powerful insights.

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