AI-Driven Predictive Analytics Built for Healthcare AI-Driven Predictive Analytics Built for Healthcare

AI-Driven Predictive Analytics
Built for Healthcare

AI-Driven Predictive Analytics
Built for Healthcare

Discover the unrealized potential of your data by turning it into a powerful analytic
asset with our proprietary Deep Learning and Generative AI technology

See how we're helping healthcare leaders drive more
efficient and affordable healthcare

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“The systems we’ve built have been pressure-tested against some of the largest clients, some of the largest companies in healthcare and we’ve passed every single test.”

Elton Tavenner
EVP and Chief Technology Officer

Certilytics Data &
Application Platform

Our composable application platform unifies your enterprise data into a single source of truth using proprietary deep learning and generative AI technology to provide you with insights that drive real, actionable change

Transform Population Health Strategies

Develop High Performing Value-based Networks

Improve Engagement

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Measure Program Performance and ROI

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How Our AI-driven Solutions
Work for Healthcare

Unify Data.

Discover Opportunities.

Improve Outcomes.

Measure Results.


Unmatched Data Processing

30M+ lives processed weekly

250M+ lives on platform

21B total member records

90-day implementation

Unparalleled Security & Validation

HIPAA compliant

HITRUST certified

SOC 2/Type 2 compliant

Uncovering Powerful Insights

10B+ savings identified

2.4x increase in patient engagement

$200 PMPY in savings

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