Healthcare Big Data Management Processing Solution Healthcare Big Data Management Processing Solution

Healthcare Data Logistics Suite

Healthcare Data
Logistics Suite

A proven cloud-native solution for ingesting and processing millions of healthcare data records with unmatched speed and accuracy

Adding Value to
Healthcare Data

“Our process starts with the data and data is really the lifeblood of our company. We put together the data in a manner that's going to allow us to more accurately provide insights.”

David Hutton
SVP, Healthcare IT & Software Engineering

Healthcare Data
Processing Numbers


Lives Processed Weekly

Our AI-centered platform was built with the latest open source technology to process data at scale, quickly.


Lives on Platform

We focused on building a flexible and reliable platform so we could utilize any and all data from a customer to deliver the best insights.



The sooner our customers have access to their data the better. Our proprietary data management process was built to be flexible and quickly consume any type of data that will add value for our customers.


Distinct Data Domains

Our platform can ingest data from 30+ unique data domains from medical claims to disability benefits to income.

1,000’s of

Validation Metrics

With healthcare data you must go above and beyond to make sure the data is accurate and logical. Our platform identifies inconsistencies and anomalies across 1,000’s of validation metrics.


Model Scores Generated

Data are scored through our BrainstormAI model library with supervised machine learning models predicting specific clinical, financial, and behavioral outcomes.



Through our extensive experience with healthcare data we are able to enhance a customer’s data by supplementing it with clinical and actuarial enrichments.

A Proven Automated & Flexible Healthcare Data Pipeline

Data Loading

During the data ingestion process, Certilytics is very flexible in how we receive a customer's data. We can receive raw data from any source, from any type of source file, in any format.

Once received, we start with normalizing the data by organizing and structuring it to enhance data integrity and improve efficiency.

Data Validation

The quality of the data is critical. Through our validation process we ensure the highest quality of data by standardizing it, ensuring its reliability, and confirming compliance.

Master Data Management

Through a unique and proprietary step in our process we create a master reference source that identifies and links the same person across disparate data sets, such as building a complete picture of a patient's medical history.

Data Encryption

Protection of personal health information is required for all our data processing. With Certicrypt, our own application, we encrypt data that contains sensitive information at all levels of the data.

Data Enrichment

Once the data is loaded, validated and mapped, and when needed augmented with external data resources, it is prepared for more robust enrichment through our proprietary BrainstormAI technology.

Data Security Framework

Protecting the data we process is central to our mission at Certilytics. The Certilytics Security Framework follows strict protocols to meet the highest standards of security and integrity.

AI Insights by Certilytics

Our experts share how AI is changing healthcare and how Certilytics is committed to using AI to lead the way in making people healthier and healthcare more affordable.

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