BrainstormAI: Predictive Modeling for Healthcare BrainstormAI: Predictive Modeling for Healthcare

Advanced AI and Machine Learning for Healthcare


Advanced AI and Machine
Learning for Healthcare

A proprietary predictive modeling technology used to maximize the value of large data sets by applying deep learning and generative AI

Predictive Modeling

“BrainstormAI® is our machine learning platform that enables us to deploy models to production, be used in products, and used by customers.”

Rob Dwyer,
EVP & Chief Data Scientist

How We've Been Using
AI Since Day 1








Certilytics Founded

Certilytics has partnered with large and complex healthcare organizations since its founding. Right from the start, we knew the impact AI-driven approaches could have on how the healthcare industry assessed and managed risk to keep people healthier and make healthcare more affordable.

Deployed 1st AI-driven Model

With the deployment of our first AI-driven model, we could now deliver production-ready models capable of accurately providing clinical, financial and behavioral predictive insights to our customers.

1st Trained Member Deep Representation (mDR)

We deployed a foundational clinical modeling technology that uses natural language processing to translate patient medical history into a machine learning feature. A first step towards Certilytics being able to quickly train and deploy models into production.

Initial Production Models Deployed with mDR

With this deployment, Certilytics was now able to exponentially increase its ability to ingest and process unstructured healthcare data, rapidly train new and custom models, and more quickly provide valuable predictive insights.

1st Provider Deep Representation Trained (pDR)

To enhance provider intelligence, Certilytics pre-trained a supervised, deep learning network to predict a provider's specialty from each provider's history of rendered claims.

Predictive Model Library Expands

We continued applying various AI and machine learning techniques in designing, deploying and calibrating until our library reached a milestone of over 100 predictive healthcare models.

All Clinical Episode Grouper Models Trained Yielding 1,000+ Models

We supercharged the predictive model development cycle so it can be completed in a single two week sprint. Now, we could expand from 30 to a 1000s+ model library, plus deliver customized predictive models.

How BrainstormAI®
is Different

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Built for Healthcare

BrainstormAI was built specifically for healthcare. It was critical our processes and automations were specific to modeling in healthcare to ensure our predictive outputs were accurate and actionable.

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Production Ready

In model development many models just live on laptops and never get deployed. We constructed our platform to ensure models make it to production in order to make a meaningful impact on health outcomes.

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Rapid Custom Model Development

With our two-stage modeling approach we can quickly build custom models for our clients based on the specific needs of their population.

AI Insights by Certilytics

Our experts share how AI is changing healthcare and how Certilytics is committed to using AI to lead the way in making people healthier and healthcare more affordable.

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