Certilytics Releases Aspects Intel Forecasts v1 Certilytics Releases Aspects Intel Forecasts v1

Certilytics Releases Aspects Intel Forecasts v1

February 1, 2018

Today, Certilytics released Aspects Intel Forecasts, a multi-dimensional patient-level risk profile combining output from Certilytics’ extensive patient journey data repository.

Forecasts provide the member-level detail needed to stratify risk, target outreach, and measure performance for individual patients. Leveraging Certilytics’ proven ability to ingest, standardize, and enrich healthcare data from any source, Forecasts have already been used to develop custom web applications with patient-level insights and drive care management programs for populations with millions of patients.

Aspects Intel Forecasts v1 includes:

  • Over 400 conditions from Certiltyics’ CORE Grouper
  • Over 30 predictive clinical, financial, and behavioral models trained using the BrainstormTM AI machine learning platform
  • Over 125 unique clinical tags and HEDIS-based gaps in care measures
  • Certilytics Health Index score to stratify all patients based on their total risk

“We designed Aspects Intel Forecasts to make it easy for customers to get any or all of the data points we provide in a simple format, allowing them to align their care management resources with the way they underwrite and price risk,” said Director of Product Management & Release Shane Quinlan. “As we add new measures, gaps, models, and tags we can easily incorporate them into our Forecasts — even if it’s something custom we built for a specific customer. We’re excited about making this product available as Certilytics’ standard patient-level data intelligence offering.”

Aspects Intel Forecasts are available in standard outputs or can be configured a la carte to provide a custom and comprehensive predictive analytics toolkit for care managers, developers, and analysts.

About Certilytics Inc.

Certilytics is a privately-held company founded in 2014 to bring AI-inspired predictive models to organizations across the healthcare ecosystem, including health plans, providers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, large employers and government entities.

Utilizing an organically designed IT processing infrastructure, while also merging machine learning and software engineering, Certilytics has commercialized two distinct data logistics and analytic platforms.

These solutions are managing and extracting value from customers’ legacy data assets to reform existing workflows, processes and decision making - resulting in the use of AI-driven predictive analytics to help customers realize the true potential of their data and turn it into powerful insights.

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