Certilytics' Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics Certilytics' Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics

Certilytics, Inc. Releases Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics

March 9, 2020

Certilytics, Inc. today announced the release of Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics, combining sophisticated healthcare data management with Certilytics’ advances in operational data science, actuarial insights, and product development on a powerful healthcare predictive data analytics platform.

Nucleus empowers healthcare organizations—employers, employer groups, benefit managers, health plans, and provider health systems—to optimize benefit programs, improve care delivery, and manage costs by creating a single data repository that offers a complete picture of member health tightly integrated with the powerful predictive analytics products available from Certilytics. Nucleus gives customers access to the data “behind the scenes” to develop new insights by integrating the data warehouse layer with their own data discovery tools, business intelligence platforms, and custom applications.

“Nucleus collects, links, standardizes, and validates data from disparate sources to create a complete picture of member health, utilization, and risk,” said Elton Tavenner, Certilytics’ Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “By combining that advanced underlying data warehouse with our data platform and innovative product offerings, we’re empowering our customers with more than ‘just another data warehouse’ by giving them the tools to take the leap from disparate data to transformative knowledge.”

Among other capabilities, Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics:

  • Links disparate data-sets and generates a globally unique ID for every employee, member, or patient
  • Includes sophisticated proprietary validations to ensure the quality, accuracy, and reasonableness of all data
  • Is capable of regularly processing billions of member data records, including:
    • Claims (medical, pharmacy, dental, & vision)
    • Benefits & eligibility
    • Lab results
    • Clinical management programs
    • Disability benefits
    • Third-party technology platforms
    • Others
  • Enriches data with hundreds of tags and measures, including our proprietary clinical episode grouper CORE Pathways
  • Includes easy-to-understand aggregations of underlying data to provide simple and consistent reporting
  • Seamlessly and securely shares data via JDBC, API, and BI integrations

Nucleus is the foundation for all of Certilytics’ advanced predictive analytics solutions, including the Aspects Suite’s dashboards, data extracts, and reports.

The integrated predictive analytics in the Aspects Suite are used to:

  • Benchmark clinical and financial results against national norms, peer groups, business units, or geographies
  • Evaluate the performance of employee benefit programs and optimize benefit investments
  • Generate a standard set of proprietary reports to assess, manage and measure risk, including:
    • Employer group reporting
    • Individualized member clinical profiles
    • Medical management reporting
    • Pharmacy management
    • Provider profiling
    • Actuarial reporting (trend, pricing, and reserving)
    • High cost claimant reporting
    • Insured run rate reporting
  • Identify, report, and benchmark cost trends, provider treatment patterns, condition severity, and health outcomes across billions of member records
  • Perform sophisticated analysis at the member level into complete episodes of care, utilization patterns, emerging disease onset, gaps in care, and each member’s likelihood of engagement
  • Develop high-performance provider networks supporting fee-for-service and value-based arrangements
  • Evaluate care pathways and predict future costs for a given condition
  • Review performance, perform risk assessments, and analyze spend, helping business and clinical leaders make more informed decisions

For more information about Nucleus Data Warehousing + Predictive Analytics, please contact us here.

About Certilytics Inc.

Certilytics is a privately-held company founded in 2014 to bring AI-inspired predictive models to organizations across the healthcare ecosystem, including health plans, providers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, large employers and government entities.

Utilizing an organically designed IT processing infrastructure, while also merging machine learning and software engineering, Certilytics has commercialized two distinct data logistics and analytic platforms.

These solutions are managing and extracting value from customers’ legacy data assets to reform existing workflows, processes and decision making - resulting in the use of AI-driven predictive analytics to help customers realize the true potential of their data and turn it into powerful insights.

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