Top 3 Questions Answered at Our Booth During HIMSS24 - Certilytics Top 3 Questions Answered at Our Booth During HIMSS24 - Certilytics

Top 3 Questions Answered at Our Booth During HIMSS24

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March 18, 2024

How Certilytics AI-Driven Predictive Analytics Are Built to Improve Healthcare

This past week at HIMSS24 we enjoyed making new connections and seeing familiar faces in Orlando.

Our team was energized by all the conversations we had with healthcare leaders who are ready to embrace AI-driven solutions to move their organizations forward.

As people slowed down and read “AI-driven Predictive Analytics Built for Healthcare” displayed at our booth or saw a demo of our solutions, there were a few questions that we found ourselves answering quite a bit. So, we thought we’d share our answers with you.

Question #1: What makes your predictions different?

At Certilytics we do more than just predict future clinical outcomes for a given population. While these predictions are valuable, we built our solutions to provide actionable intelligence. We don’t just tell you who is at risk, we identify who has the most modifiable risk in dollars and who is most likely to engage in clinical outreach strategies and intervention programs.

With these insights our customers are able to:

  • Identify the biggest opportunities for improving healthcare outcomes by looking at the financial impact clinical programs and strategies could have on a population or an individual
  • Direct their financial and clinical resources to individuals who are most likely to take steps towards improving their health

Customers we work with have used our predictive analytics to help drive hundreds of dollars per member per year in health management value and opportunity.

Question #2: What makes your AI approach different?

Most healthcare leaders we spoke with are already using some form of predictive analytics. In most scenarios organizations are using linear regression models to discover trends based on historical data and predict overall member risk.

At Certilytics our approach leverages deep learning and generative AI so we can take those insights a step further with a more robust set of analytic outputs:

  • Population and individual–level future health and financial risk predictions
  • Identification of future opportunities for cost savings, improvements in care quality, risk adjustment, and pricing
  • Engagement probability scoring
  • Care and treatment pathway predictions
  • Historical and future ROI analyses

Question #3: I have a unique population of patients or members, do you offer custom model development?

The short answer is yes! From Day 1, our healthcare experts knew that we needed a platform that would be flexible and could adapt to the changing needs of healthcare and be customized based on the unique populations our customers serve.

So we developed our proprietary BrainstormAI® application which is an unmatched collection of sophisticated GenAI model pipelines ready for calibration to customer data and are powering enterprise healthcare processes, operations, analysis, and innovation in days – not years.

Our two-stage modeling approach leverages unsupervised pre-training to quickly yield deep representations on large data sets that can then be fine-tuned for specific use cases or populations. Allowing for production-ready models to be trained and deployed to customers in as little as two weeks.

If you’re interested in learning more about our AI-driven predictive analytic platform and solutions, click here to schedule a meeting with our team.