3 Ways Certilytics’ AI-Backed Insights Can Prove Your Value

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September 15, 2023

Advanced ROI Analytics to Win & Retain Business

As a digital health solution, you know the market continues to get more crowded every day. Your customers and prospects are overwhelmed with pitches for the next great fitness tracker, disease management program, engagement strategy, mindfulness app, and more.

Now, more than ever before, you need more than just great marketing and a good sales pitch to stand out. You need to prove your solution can deliver on its clinical and financial promises.

The solution? More vendors are starting to use advanced, AI-driven analytics to demonstrate their positive impact on health and cost.

How do they do it? Check out these three ways data-backed insights help solution vendors back up their performance claims, deliver on their promises, and gain confidence from their clients.

1. Program Validation to Support Sales Discussions

Telling a compelling value story can be a major challenge.

Healthcare interventions are incredibly complex, each population is unique, and the number of variables influencing one member makes it difficult to quantify the clinical and financial impact of your solution.

But effective data analytics platforms are built to handle this complexity. After connecting disparate data sources, a data and analytics partner should be able to detangle these variables so that digital health solutions are able to transparently track the progress of their solutions and demonstrate a positive return on investment.

For example, using Certilytics’ platform, one solution vendor who previously struggled to demonstrate their progress was able to validate a $200PMPY savings for their medical management program.

Check out this snapshot of what  solution vendors are able to see when they measure their performance on Certilytics’ platform:

When it comes time to approach a new client, vendors who’ve leveraged advanced data analytics earn customer trust with metrics showing how their solutions helped improve health outcomes and generate cost savings for other customers.

2. Leverage Predictive Analytics to Direct Resources for Maximum Impact

Demonstrating how your solution has performed with other populations will go far in client discussions. But what if you could go even further?

Data analytics help digital health solutions prove their value to clients, but they can also be used to show how you can uncover hidden opportunity and cost savings for them.

With AI-powered insights, you can measure a member’s likelihood to engage with your solution. This helps determine the targeted outreach that would make the most impact for your client. As a result, you can ensure that your solution targets those most likely to benefit, matching them to the right programs at the right time to capture the maximum health and financial upside.

For example, Certilytics’ AI-driven solutions can pinpoint specific members who are most likely to respond to education around taking their prescribed medication, and what the potential ROI is adhering to their medication regimen.

Once you’ve implemented your solution, you can use risk stratification to continue to optimize your strategies by identifying and directing resources not just to the riskiest members, but to those who will benefit most from your solution’s targeted resources.

Here’s a snapshot of the opportunities solution vendors see when analyzing and building a strategy for  a customer’s population:

3. Measure Program Performance and ROI

It’s no secret that measuring the ROI of a solution is tough.

With so many variables affecting cost, program engagement, and health outcomes, it feels impossible to prove that your solution alone drove positive change.

But with data-backed advanced analysis, such a compelling value story is possible. Certilytics’ machine learning models are built to detangle these many variables and clearly track and visualize the performance of your solution.

Take a look at what solution vendors see when utilizing our Program Performance Analytics to measure program success.

With this insight, clinical point solutions more than justify the cost of their programs. They gain support from existing customers to continue and expand their solutions as well as gather more success metrics to show potential customers.

Are you ready to tell a compelling value story that measures the ROI of your solution? Schedule a meeting with our team or check out our case study to see how one solution vendor demonstrated $200PMPY in savings.