Big Data Healthcare Analytics at Business Group on Health Conference Big Data Healthcare Analytics at Business Group on Health Conference

Certilytics to Showcase Big Data Healthcare Analytics for Employers at Business Group on Health Conference

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April 27, 2021

Data Warehousing & Benefit Management Technologies to be Highlighted During Virtual Event

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 27, 2021 – Certilytics, Inc. today announced it will showcase its AI-powered data warehousing and predictive analytics solutions at this year’s Business Group on Health annual conference, a gathering of the nation’s largest and most forward-looking employers, including 74 Fortune 100 companies.

The virtual conference will be held May 4-6.

In addition to highlighting its machine learning technologies that enable self-funded employers and health plans to track progress on shared targets for cost savings, Certilytics’ team of experts will be available to offer live demonstrations of how the company’s solutions help employers evaluate the performance of their benefit and wellness partners based on value and prospective opportunity.

“Employers are looking for better ways to uncover real opportunity,” said Andrew Ottum, Certilytics’ Chief Business Development & Client Deployment Officer. “That opportunity takes many forms—but is centered around the creation of an intelligent data hub that collects data from their benefit partners, and creates a holistic view of their benefit ecosystem.”

Ottum added that traditional analytics tools for employers and health plans focus on retrospective measures of cost–creating a situation where, at best, the tools help employers understand what happened in the past.

“Large employers need the ability to see what’s happening in near-real time,” he said. “They also need predictive analytics that help them understand what will happen depending on the actions they take.”

In addition to employer-focused research and resources, Certilytics’ virtual exhibit will include an opportunity calculator that attendees can use to determine their avoidable spending across medical and pharmacy benefits for specific populations. Attendees will also get an inside look at how Certilytics has saved large employers an average of $200 PMPY through total health management focused on prospective opportunity rather than retrospective risk.

“We’re excited to be a part of this year’s Business Group on Health conference,” Ottum said. “With all of the interconnected challenges impacting healthcare and benefits management today, there’s never been a better moment to share how we’ve helped some of the nation’s top health plans and self-insured employers achieve their transformational objectives.”

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