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Aspects Intelligence provides different tools to support the needs of C-suite executives, care managers, actuaries, plan sponsors, and more.

Aspects Dashboards

Aspects Dashboards provide population-level clinical, financial, and behavioral insights into the utilization of healthcare services while linking clinical outcomes with financial opportunities and management strategies.


  • Find Savings Opportunities: Aspects Dashboards can uncover the potential savings associated with closing specific care gaps through health management programs, helping plan sponsors and employer groups make more informed decisions about health management programs that maximize return on investment and improve health outcomes.
  • Track Utilization: Helps plan sponsors and employer groups better understand where to focus their resources to improve overall cost and health outcomes, as well as how policies put in place influenced their population as a whole.
  • Measure Performance: Plan sponsors and employer groups can understand how efforts around improving membership compliance have affected financial outcomes. Aspects Dashboards reports the PMPM savings realized from changes in member outcomes from their baseline measurement period and highlights the relative effectiveness of different clinical outreach strategies.
  • Enterprise Integrations: Aspects Dashboards are configurable either as a standalone application or as a seamlessly integrated tool enhancing a customer’s legacy reporting solutions. We support single-sign on (SSO), white-labeling, and extensible application programming interfaces (APIs) for quick adoption and enterprise app integration.

Aspects Reports

Need a specialized report to generate or retain business? Aspects Reports provide a library of insights to support pricing decisions, RFP responses, customer management, network design and more.

Reports and Features

  • Opportunity Analysis Reports:
    • Provides population-level insights into clinical risks that can be tied to areas of financial opportunity through member redirection, gap in care closure, and early intervention.
    • Designed to show changing demographics as a means of highlighting potential reasons for cost and utilization changes over the prior period.
  • Stop Loss Underwriting Reports:
    • Provides multiple views that show the historic and emerging pipeline of high cost claimants.
    • Allows for evaluation and bench-marking of top conditions, comorbidities, cost and utilization, providing medical management information to intervene with a plan’s costliest members, and monitoring of financial projections and budgets.
  • Provider Insights Reports:
    • Measures the performance of primary care providers (PCPs) and specialty care providers (SCPs) within a given network or geography.
    • A one-stop report for comparing providers, many of which have disparate reporting systems that make it very difficult to evaluate one provider against another.
    • Offers provider-to-provider comparisons including peer group, regional and national benchmarks.
    • Incorporates sophisticated predictive analytics, including the prospective cost savings if a provider redirects a patient at risk of having a high-cost event or intervenes with a patient at risk of developing a chronic condition or disease state.
  • Pharmacy Management Reports:
    • Captures savings opportunities from pharmacy-based cost and utilization management programs
    • Estimates the potential financial impact of new drugs – to include the effect on a target population, which therapies it will work alongside, which it will displace, and what the potential financial impact could be.

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